About Company

About Company

Welcome to Betanet

Betanet strongly believes in one thing, providing genuine solutions. Betanet Consultancy Private Limited is not just the name of our company, but an identity that represents our passion to facilitate, develop and provide support to our clients.

It is simple, we consider our clients as our partners. Our objective is not to sell you anything, but to provide the best possible solutions for all your needs. Working for your company, facilitating all your requirements and bringing out the best in both of us.

Established in 2002, We started with a strong belief in our ability to provide genuine IT solutions and services. 18 years since, we have successfully been working with the same values we started with, Our clients growth is our growth.

Our achievements are reflective of our values. We do not keep track of the number of products and services we have developed/sold, Our achievements are obtained by the number of solutions provided that are used as the backbone of businesses.

We Believe

“Clients Growth is our Growth”
Betanet has been powering businesses with IT solutions since the past 16 years. In this period of time we have mainly understood one thing, our growth is proportionate to our clients growth. We are a passionate team first, an IT solutions company second. With a strong belief in providing the best of technology and consultation to our clients, we take immense pride in aligning our goals to our clients growth.
We started Betanet with the intention to provide genuine solutions of our expertise i.e Networking & Web servers, mastering it while enhancing our skillset to web and application development as we evolved with the needs of our clients.
At Betanet, we believe 2 things change constantly, human nature and technology. That’s why even after 18 years of experience, we constantly explore new languages and technologies that are trending and those that will be a trend soon.


We strongly believe, Clients growth is our growth.


Processes are to make system smooth and trustworthy.


Stable, Secure and Long term dependency.


Seamless optimal service is what we promise to our patrons.


Cooperation provides best opportunities for quality & timely output.

Transform ideas to reality. Let's Connect, Develop &Go Live!!!

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