Promotional Services

Newsletter & Transactional Mail Services

“Connect with your customers/clients through beautifully designed mails or send them alerts for transactions and/or order/service updates..”

Betanet has developed a fully custom application where you can send Newsletters, Promotional Mails, Transactional mails to your customers in simple clicks. Our beautiful newsletter designer makes it very simple to create beautiful designed mail without any coding knowledge needed.

Our application is designed and developed to make sure that your mail gets delivered to your customers Inbox to get engage and get more traffic to your business.

Dashboard Overview

Easily view counters about the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, email templates but also recent campaigns details and a detailed recent activity report.

Email List Management

Manage email lists, list subscribers, list segments, custom fields, list forms and list pages.

Email List Tools

Need to split a large list into multiple smaller ones? Or sync existing email lists? Use this section for these type of actions.

Email Blacklist

This is a customer only email blacklist that applies to each email belonging to the customer, therefore email addresses listed here will never receive any communication.

Suppression List

Suppression lists can be selected per campaign basis so that the campaign does not send to subscribers in the selected suppression lists. This is complementary to the email blacklist.

Campaign Management

Manage regular, autoresponder or recurring campaigns. Create campaign groups or custom campaign tags.

Email Templates

Create and categories as many email templates as you need. Or use one of the ones made available by system administrators.

Delivery Servers

Bring your own delivery server, customers can add their own delivery servers and also decide how many and what types are allowed. Then customers can manage them from here.

Email Blacklists

This is a global email blacklist that applies to absolutely each email from the system, therefore email addresses listed here will never receive any communication

Feedback Loop Servers

Our Feedback loop server allows to check and report whether user has reported your mail as abuse or it has been marked as spam. Those users will get blacklisted automatically.

Delivery Servers

Bring your own delivery server, customers can add their own delivery servers and also decide how many and what types are allowed. Then customers can manage them from here.

Bounce Servers

Our bounce server manages and removes/ blacklists those users who are bounced back with any reason. Soft, Hard or Temporary.

Link Tracking

Easily Track all your links sent in your mail. Also track how many times a single link is opened and/or how many users have opened a single link.

Email Open Monitor

Easily monitor in real-time how many emails have been opened in your campaign.

IP Location Service

Use location services to find out the location of subscribers that open and/or click inside email campaigns.

Get your own Server for your Business Needs.

“Host your own Websites, Applications like WordPress, WooCommerce along with your own Mail Server, Storage Server and More.”

Get your own server for hosting website. Betanet will deploy your server with various Panels as per your requirements. Some awesome webhosting panels for Linux like cPanel, Plesk, Fast Panel and more provides you a dependable environment to host websites and get mailing services and more. Windows Hosting with Licensed Windows 2012/2016/2019 along with IIS + MSSQL or get panels like Plesk Panel, DotNet Panel and others to host your Windows Based websites.

Web Servers

Open source has various options available for deploying your application/server. Whether it’s a web server with panels like CPanel, Plesk Panel or a stand-alone web server like Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, or Windows IIS. We ensure the best configuration and services for deployment of your cloud instances safely and securely with ease of management.

Linux Servers

Linux is known for its customization and robust architecture. We deploy your Cloud instance using Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian according to the requirements of your application. Whether its a webserver with backend panels or a stand-alone server using Nginx, Apache, Java, Jetty, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL combinations for your applications.

Windows Servers

Windows Server can be used in various ways, not only for ASP.NET based applications or websites but can also be deployed for your day-to-day usage by configuring employee login, accounting and communications. It can also be used for remote connections/work from home, functioning the same way as your office.

Mail Servers

Emails are the backbone of any business. Deploying your mail server gives a commanding hand over official communications with your clients. Full control, Easy management, Backups and more that take your business to the next level, while providing an independent, hassle-free platform.

Private VPN Servers

Your privacy is an asset, Do not disclose it to the Internet. Private VPN servers  provide protection to your location when your devices are connected to the internet. They are mainly used by businesses that do not want to disclose their location to their customers and/or clients.

Development Servers

This is one of the best service which our clients are taking form us. Deploy your testing/staging apps directly to cloud and interact with your client in real-time. this also enhances your team how to deploy apps directly on cloud, saving your development time or maintenance time.

Solutions that work for you

“We make software that works for you”

We have designed, developed and deployed custom ASP.NET applications for our client. Take a quick look for the applications we have build.

Billing & Inventory, Accounting Application, E-Commerce, Ordering Portal and others for various industries like Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Providers, Maintenance Service Providers, Design Agency, Architects and more.

Application that works according to your business flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Progressively generate synergistic total linkage through cross-media intellectual capital. Enthusiastically parallel task team building e-tailers without standards compliant initiatives. Progressively monetize client-centric outsourcing with excellent communities.

Logistic Services partners with many of the leading National and Regional LTL carriers, which enables us to match the correct carrier to our customer`s various shipping needs. With our large volume of LTL freight and spend, we can offer our customers a superior service at a lower cost.

Non-profit organizations and public sector clients can reduce costs of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) by taking advantage of their state’s tax-exempt status to purchase items themselves, rather than the contractor purchasing them. This is called Owner Direct Purchase (ODP) and can save thousands of dollars in revenue taxes.

We offer competitive rates for small parcel service throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Our industry experts can build custom solutions including last-mile, and parcel zone-skipping that can provide substantial cost savings and improved transit times.


Data Security, Platform Stability and Robust Services is the key for any application or server. This is what we guarantee you.


We strive to deliver projects On-Time within the budget, with proper Planning, Research, Knowledge and Experience.

24/7 Support

Betanet provides round the clock online support and maintenance understanding priorities of its clients.